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House Waffle - Press Waffle Co.



  • Authentic Belgian recipe.

  • Handcrafted in our shops every day.

  • Made from dough not batter.

  • Crunchy caramelized sugar coating.

  • Both sweet and savory options.

  • Fully customizable and made right in front of you.

Hands down the best waffles you've ever had! Our waffles can be enjoyed as breakfast, dessert, or a sweet treat at any time of day! Not feeling so sweet? We offer savory selections like our bestselling chicken & waffles or our Monte Cristo waffle sandwich. See our full menu here.


Press Waffle Co. was born out of pure passion for the product. Before there was ever a business, there was a love for waffles. When Founder & President Bryan Lewis was traveling across Europe with his fiancé in the summer of 2013, they encountered the Liége waffle for the first time. After eating them all summer long, the couple wanted to share these heavenly treats with everyone at their wedding. Upon returning to Dallas, they could not find them anywhere, nor could their caterer re-create the magic they had experienced abroad. 

So Bryan set out to do it on his own. With no culinary background, he tinkered in the kitchen for over a year before he had perfected the recipe. With a desire to share his waffles with everyone he knew, Press Waffle Co. was born. 

When Bryan's brother, Caleb, moved home from college, they began dreaming and planning their business and after a successful Kickstarter Campaign, finally founded Press Waffle Co. as a food truck in 2016. 

Press Waffle Co. 2016

The First Event

March 2016

The Food Truck

August 2016

Press Waffle Co. Food Truck 2016
Press Waffle Co. Legacy Hall

The First Shop

December 2017

Press Waffle Co. opened its first permanent storefront in late 2017. After an exciting and successful appearance on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, the brothers have set their sites on expanding their concept across the country through franchising. With multiple stores set to open in the next few months, and a strong pipeline of more to come, Press Waffle Co. is on a mission to teach America "A New Way To Waffle!"®

Founders Bryan & Caleb Lewis

Press Waffle Co. - Bryan Lewis and Caleb Lewis
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